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Why do so many labs choose DentaLab?

The DentaLab/PC user group has become the largest in the United States and Canada and includes all sizes and specialties within the dental laboratory industry. Why do so many laboratories choose this system?



It is specially designed for dental laboratories...

Its initial design and the many ideas and suggestions that have followed from our work directly with dental laboratories have resulted in a design especially tuned in to the needs of many labs. It is not just a standard accounting system with a few features for dental labs tacked on. It is not just one view of what is needed...but the voice of many.



It uses up-to-date technology...

The system was first written in the 1990-91 years using programming and development tools centered around Microsoft’s 'C' language. This earlier system is called DentaLab/PC and can run under many platforms...IBM DOS, Microsoft DOS and Windows 3.1 through 95.

It was then rewritten in 1997-8 for Windows 95/98 and NT using C++ and the 32-bit Windows API (application program interface). This system is called DentaLab/PC II. In 2002, it was updated for use with Windows XP Professional.


In 2004-5, we worked closely with Intuit to create DentaLab for QuickBooks. This adds case management, including scheduling, preferences, alerts, quality control and technician tracking, to the highly popular QuickBooks for financial management of small-medium businesses. It is written in C#, using Visual Studio, SQL-based data management, and Stimulsoft Reports.NET.


The tools were chosen to give the system the highest level of speed, flexibility and reliability. Modern tools such as on-line help, pop-up windows for messages, scroll boxes for selection from lists, use of color and graphics are an intrinsic part of the system, making it easy and intuitive to learn and use. The file management system assures that each set of related transactions is kept intact and that data records are not lost. Long time-consuming reorganizations are a thing of the past. DentaLab can be run on single stations and most popular networks.



It is rich in features and options, yet very easy to learn and use...

From the ideas and suggestions of our users, an extraordinary number of options and features are now included in the system...and this does not end as day by day we add more and release these on the calendar quarters each year. You can choose to use whatever is appropriate for you...from the simple starter set to sophisticated barcode case tracking and technician productivity. For printed invoices, statements and even labels, there are not just one or two choices but rather you can choose or design any format you would like.



The voice of each laboratory is heard...

The DentaLab/PC systems are not stagnant or limited. We encourage input from the laboratories to let us know what will make their lives easier and what information is needed to run their operations more successfully.



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"I have never found a glitch in all the years I?ve had it and really love this software"

Rickey Kornegay
Twin Rivers, North Carolina

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