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Our most popular software is developed to fulfill the special information needs of the dental laboratory industry, but we also have other software products that you might like to consider.


Access via Internet DentaLab for QuickBooks systems can be used through the cloud, allowing you access to your case management and accounting data with greater convenience and less overhead


Custom Software Development Our custom software development ensures you get exactly the software features you need, without the cost of features you do not want


DentaLab for QuickBooks provides an important capability for dental laboratories that wish to add case managment to the QuickBooks software you use.


DentaLab for QuickBooks Starter provides the lab managment case tracking features of the DentaLab for QuickBooks Standard system for a single computer workstation.


DentalRX software has been developed based on the simple, straightforward concept of providing coordination between the dentist and the lab to create easy-to-read, accurate prescriptions for lab work.


Product Costing Helps you determine costs, pricing, and profits.


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Spreading the News Create and send email newsletters. Manage contacts and their activities. Synchronization with QuickBooks available. Limited beta test available for download.

"I have been on the hunt for a new laboratory software program probably for the past 2 years. Now that my partner has retired I can now make it happen. We have used a custom program written just for our lab since 1979. Yes, it was state of the art then, but now it feels quite inadequate to me. We started using QuickBooks in 2005 and I really like itís simple, easy to learn accounting methods, it works.

When I found an article about DentaLab for QuickBooks I quickly contacted Elaine at Mainstreet and drove to their office with my laptop in hand, our current programs inefficiencies written down, and 3 pages of my wishes, oh, and my wife as well who has no dental lab understanding.

Needless to say I was sold and my wife as well since it made clear sense and that she was even able to follow some of the steps involved in entering the work. Nathan was able to customize our work ticket right away to help me sell it to my office staff, this proving to be more of a challenge then I ever would have expected. Even though our old system had many inefficiencies, they still knew it well and were too comfortable with its use.

I purchased DentaLab for QuickBooks, had Nathan spend 2 days in lab, and had all of them sold, even my ex-partner. Nathan is a tremendous help on the telephone and very calming to the nervousness of my staff. We are using the program now and are able to easily navigate thru it and make adjustments as needed.

Thank you Elaine for designing such a great user friendly program and to Nathan for your help in person and on the phone."

Scott Klaire
Metalcraft Dental Lab, New York, USA

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